Overheard This Morning on My Way To Work

Little Girl to Mom:  I tired. I want to go back home.

Mom:  You can’t be tired. We just walked out the house.

Little Girl:  But we live on a hill. A tall hill. It not easy to walk down it.

Mom:  You should be accustom by now. You walk down it every day to go to school.

Little Girl:  That is the problem. School real far. And you does walk too fast.

Mom:  I’m walking very slow right now because you won’t go fast.

Little Girl:  No, you not.

Mom:  Yes, I am.

Little Girl in Serious Tone of Voice:  Mammy, you don’t even realise how big your steps are. They real big. It making me tired trying to keep up with you.

Mom:  It making me tired listening to you. You does talk, talk, talk like this in class?

Little Girl:  I don’t think so. But teacher say how me and Nikeisha does make she want to take a pain tablet.  Mammy what is a pain tablet?

Mom in Dry Tone of Voice:  Something for whatever hurting you. I wish I take one this morning.

Little Girl in Sympathetic Voice:  You see the same thing I saying? This walking to school down this hill too hard. Is best we go back home.


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