New from Anna Kashina: “BLADES OF THE OLD EMPIRE”, book 1 of the Majat Code

A little more pimpage for a deserving author. If you’re looking for an exciting read with a dash of sensual romance, this is it.

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New from the Dragonwell author Anna Kashina: “Blades of the Old Empire”, book 1 of the Majat code released today by Angry Robot Books, UK

“A solid start to what looks to be an exciting series” — British Fantasy Society. For full review, follow this link:

To celebrate the release, we are holding a giveaway of one autographed copy of “Blades of the Old Empire”, featuring the beautiful cover art by Alessandro Colucci. We are also giving away electronic copies of Anna Kashina’s “The Majat Testing”, a 7000-word story set in the world of the Majat Code. To enter the giveaway follow this link:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also get your own widget for this giveaway at the following link:

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