And Facebook Buys Up Another One…

Seriously, this frenzy by large tech companies to buy up anyone who has the temerity to be successful without being in thrall to them is getting really annoying. 

I love WhatsApp. It’s a great, easy to use app that allowed my entire family and me to stay in touch for a fraction of what it would cost us to text each other. I’m seriously not pleased about everything I touch turning into either the property of Google or Facebook.

Am I the only one who gets really annoyed when I find a new site I like and they all clamour for me to sign up using my Facebook, Twitter or Google profile? Why does anyone need to know my business no matter where I am? Why can’t I have certain things on one site and not on another?

I come from a big family, alright. I know how a lack of privacy can screw you over. I know what happens if you say something on one site and a cousin follows you over to your Google + profile. That shit is not pretty.

For the love of God, can we stop making it easy for the NSA to snoop on us? And can we agree to avoid the day when the internet is one big entity called or something?

Or am I the only one thinking this?


One thought on “And Facebook Buys Up Another One…

  1. I know you are not the only one. It bothers me too, but frankly, I can’t keep up. My brain gets tired when I try to imagine all the connections and where they cross paths. I honestly have no clue who has what information about me.

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