Earworm: These Songs Keep Playing In My Head

…so I’ve decided to make them play in your head.

Carnival approaches in my country. It is a magical time of freedom and joy. Every year, our soca artistes create new music and compete to be the ‘Road March’ or the song chosen by the people as their most popular song to parade to. Bunji Garlin is one of our most popular performers, and ‘Red Light District’ is one of his new offerings for this year.

His popular Carnival song last year ended up winning a BET award, getting nominated for others and was featured on a Grey’s Anatomy episode. It didn’t win Road March, but it should have; it’s another earworm. Unfortunately, both tunes were just a bit too slow, or ‘groovy’ for the road. You need high energy and tempo to get that vote.

I’m giving them both to you now. First is ‘Red Light District’, then ‘Differentology’.

Nope, no need to thank me. I’m just generous like that :-).


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