Other Writers: Mohana Rajakumar

This exerpt is a really amazing piece of writing. The sense of place and culture is truly absorbing. Just had to repost, because now I want to read the book!

Marlene Dotterer

It’s the month to celebrate love! Enjoy this Valentine excerpt from Mohana Rajakumar.

Love Comes Later

Lovecomeslaterflowers Love Comes Later
By Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
Best Indie Book, Romance, 2013
New Talent Award Finalist, Romance Festival, 2012
Best Novel Finalist, eFestival of Words, 2013


Abdulla’s mind wasn’t on Fatima, nor on his uncles or cousins. Not even when he drove through the wrought iron entry gate, oblivious to the sprawl of family cars parked haphazardly in the shared courtyard, did he give them a thought. Despite the holy season, his mind was still hard at work. Mentally he clicked through a final checklist for tomorrow’s meetings. I can squeeze in a few more hours if Fatima is nauseous and sleeps in tomorrow, he thought, rubbing his chin. Instead of the stubble he had anticipated, his whiskers were turning soft. A trim was yet
another thing he didn’t have time for these days, though longer beards were out…

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