Very excited at the moment. My publisher has sent me the first drafts of my debut novel’s cover!


Seriously, this was my reaction. 

Except for a minor issue, it’s pretty much what I hoped for. It’s not finalised yet, or I would have posted it here. Trust me, the moment I have the word, you will be buried under a deluge of synopses, cover art and me licking you like a happy German Shepherd.

Speaking of German Shepherds, here’s my baby, just for kicks–for those who missed him first time around:


He is, of course, only partially a shepherd. There’s Akita and Labrador in there too, which basically means there are chew marks everywhere, all the time.

He is the best dog in the world though. I kid you not.

By the way, saw Thor this weekend. Chris Hemsworth is not bare-chested nearly enough. But the movie itself wasn’t bad either.

Shut up. My brain works just fine. It simply has a hunger for good looking men.

By the way, Idris? Call me once you get over that asthma attack, okay?

*Waggles an imaginary phone by her ear and winks suggestively*

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