Harrison’s Cave Barbados

Been hopping around the islands so forgive me for not keeping in touch. But at least you can see what I’ve been up to! I went to the famous Harrison’s Cave in Barbados and here’s a few pics from that experience.

One of the many beautiful cave formations and waterways.

2013-09-14 10.41.32

The tram we used to travel just over a mile underground.

2013-09-14 10.41.45

The candelabra or chandelier. You’ll notice the formation below. They’ll unite eventually to form a pillar. In about 20,000 years or so. Cave formations grow incredibly slowly. As little as 1 cubic inch every 120 years!

2013-09-14 11.08.59

This was my second trip there, and well worth it! Make sure you check it out if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

2 thoughts on “Harrison’s Cave Barbados

    1. Sadly, it’s business. Not much time for outings, but I had some time last Saturday and this was the result!

      Rhonda https://rsagarcia.com/

      No one knows how old the human race is, but we all agree it’s old enough to know better – Anonymous


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