Kindle MatchBook

This is an interesting development. I think it might actually work as a promotional method, and I know I’d love to give someone half-off or free on an ebook if they went to the trouble to buy my book.
You can never have too many free things on the internet.

Marlene Dotterer

Well what do you know – Amazon has done something I can truly agree with! Assuming of course, that I have an accurate understanding of what they are doing.

Their new program is called Kindle MatchBook. Simply put, if you (the reader) buy a print book from Amazon (hardcover, paperback, whatever), then you can also download the Kindle version of the book for a reduced price. Perhaps even for free.

Here’s the fine print:

You have to buy the book from Amazon. That makes sense, right?

The author or publisher has to enter the book into the program. I don’t know what the big 5 or 6 will think of this program, but unless they enter their books, you have to pay full price for the Kindle version. Even if you buy the print book.

The author/publisher determines how much your discount is. The choices are 50% of the listed…

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