Light At The End of the Tunnel

I’m almost done with my first editing pass! Should put the finishing touches on the manuscript between today and tomorrow. All nervy about it, but I guess that’s normal. Just hope the editor likes what I’ve done and that I’ve addressed all the problems that are in there. Though it would be insanely awesome if that actually happened, I probably have a ways to go yet. It’s just the first pass after all.

Looking forward to the season finale of Longmire tonight. Katee Sackhoff has been one of my main bitches ever since she swaggered on screen in the reboot of Battlestar Galatica years ago. Like my sis says, can I grow up to be Starbuck? I mean, he was my favourite in the old series (yes, I actually watched that growing up) and she made the character my favourite all over again. Of course, though I love her as Vic, I’m really hooked on Longmire himself and Lou Diamond. Seriously, it is a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continual soiree, guys! Start watching this show if you aren’t already.

I guess what I love most about Longmire is how Robert Taylor inhabits the role. He’s as cowboy and American as they come. And of course, he’s Australian. What is it with Australian actors anyway? They’re a bad as the British, churning out talent like a goddamn factory. But what I really love is the way male Australian actors still have that tall, dark and silent thing going. It’s like an Australian commodity, that ability to come across so damn MANLY! I mean, Sam Worthington, Robert Taylor, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman (and that guy sings and dances and STILL kicks ass as Wolverine!), the list goes on and on.

And what they don’t scoop up, the New Zealanders take! (I’m looking at you, Manu Bennett!)

In short? You can send your men to my house any time you’re tired of them, Land from Downunder.

Now excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out over the work I still have left.

2 thoughts on “Light At The End of the Tunnel

  1. We just make’em that way. They have to crack a whip and recite poetry by the age of five and manliness classes are compulsory throughout highschool. lol I have finally got myself a WordPress blog with a domain name, hence why I am now commenting as myself 🙂

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