Monday Morning Blues

I am so tired. Just three hours of sleep last night but it’s all my own fault.

I have just one more section of my novel to edit before I can send the first revisions off to my editor. I just hit the proverbial bump in the road with that last section and it took some doing to smooth the manuscript out. Not so much plot holes (thank goodness) as plot gaps. Sometimes, I just need to say stuff out loud and be done with it.

I saw the new historical (fantasy?) series The White Queen for the first time last night. This is the reason for my exhaustion. The first two episodes ended at 1am. Still, I could NOT get myself to stop thinking about it. It’s a beautifully produced, amazingly acted BBC/Showtime collaboration that explores the life and times of Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of England during the 1400s and progenitor of every English and Scottish monarch since. I had to look this bitch up because as soon as I saw the treachery of her court, I had to know if she made it out alive or not.

Sorry, but my history lessons basically skipped over that whole War of the Roses thing.

It’s apparently a ten part series (the first two episodes I saw covered 4 years), but I do wish it could go on and on. I love the bit of magic thrown in–Elizabeth’s mother believes herself a direct descendant of a River Goddess and she will use her spells to get what she wants and never bat an eye. But the beating heart of the show is the love between Elizabeth and her second husband, King Edward.

Overall, if you like magic, scheming and romance with your period drama, this one’s for you.

And yes, I know I’m doing it again, getting addicted to a show, but this one I can’t help but recommend.

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