I, For One, Have Had Enough

I have been staying away from this issue while the rest of the specfic community falls further and further into finger-pointing chaos. I have been following the SFWA’s mess, and all its attendant blog posts, cursing under my breath as appropriate. But this latest nonsense hit home.

I will not link to Mr. Beale’s post. That is because I do not link to sites that speak of the people of Africa, the Caribbean disapora and anyone else who isn’t Caucasian, in the most vile and hateful terms possible. And that’s completely aside from his misogyny. But you can feel free to look him up if you want your eyeballs to explode from the sheer hatefulness the internet contains.

As an aside, I really wish he and his commenters would stop talking about Europe, Africa and the Caribbean disapora–it’s painfully clear they have almost no knowledge of any of these places, their peoples or their history, particularly when it relates to the experiences of those of colour. But they are quick to point out how great white people are–noting, for example, that it only took “26 years” for the British to abolish slavery. No comment on how long slavery had existed before that. My quarrel, of course, is not with the British, who had nothing to do with these statements. It’s with the sick, incredibly pathetic, twisted mind that actually uses the words ‘Gibon’ to describe people of colour in this day and age and that encourages commenters of this ilk to congregrate on his blog to edify us ‘rabbit’ people with their collective idiocy.

Let me be clear. I am a woman who writes spec fic. I am a woman of colour who writes spec fic. I don’t live in the US, but I do believe that my brain, and the brain of most other people who write spec fic, weigh the same and work the same way as your standard white, American male who ‘built’ the literature, as Mr. Beale states. However, anytime Mr. Beale has doubts about my ability to be civilized or fears that I will drag his literature down into irrelevance…

…he can go fuck himself with every move in the Kama Sutra.

Calling for the Expulsion of Theodore Beale from SFWA

Good luck getting him out of the SFWA. God knows he doesn’t deserve to be there. Octavia Butler is spinning in her grave.

7 thoughts on “I, For One, Have Had Enough

  1. Are you kidding me? I’ve been to that website as well as his Amazon page. That man isn’t even fit to drink Ms. Butler’s bathwater. Ms. Jemisen and Ms. Butler have and had done more to improve this world then he ever has.

    This is a man that hates everyone that isn’t himself and has created this pathetic website and the sorry justifications on it in order to convince himself of his own wonderfulness .

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It was such as shock to see someone writing that stuff out in public. I’m used to people like that having the decency to at least put a sheet with eye-holes over their heads.

    1. He’s got one title currently “in print”; it’s a crappy-looking P.o.D. (published in 2008, from a publisher I’ve never heard of, and short-discounted) “christian”-fantasy novel on the theme “Do Elves have souls?”… The most recent title from a “big name” publisher is a “Publisher Cancelled” thing from Pocket Books.

  2. I can’t believe this guy is still a member. He is quite right to assert there is a separate form of homo sapiens; he belongs to it and demonstrates how it differs from the rest of us very well by his behavior and lack of intelligence. I had no idea a branch of humanity had intermingled with pond life before now, but it evidently did.

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