Check out my new short story – Smile

Just posted another free story. It’s really more of a first draft, excerpt sort of thing. It wants to be a novel, but I’m not convinced it’s old enough to stand on its own two feet.

This one bounced around in my mind for years. I originally wanted to do a story about a stranger in a strange land–in this case, an immigrant from the Caribbean in a near future New York. I wanted him to be an ex-con, to have broken the laws of that time. For the longest while, it was going to be about home-sickness and that feeling that no matter what you do, you don’t belong.

Then I sat down to write it and this came out. Go figure.
Now it wants to be something I’ve never done before. An urban fantasy, but with Caribbean folklore. Sort of an ‘American Gods’, but maybe not so heavy. I don’t know. It’s young yet, and kids usually talk a good game. I just know I tend to like my stories to be quite a twisty ride, and this doesn’t feel like I’m done. It feels like I just got on the bus.

Help me decide? Vote on whether it’s done, it’s sucks or it needs to keep going.
Thanks guys. Don’t be a stranger.


(Warning: Mild Adult Language)

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